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Give a friendly jab to your opponents to remind them of your game!Tired of waiting for your opponent to respond? Think they forgot about you? Use the Jab feature to hit their phone with another alert to remind that forgetful Freddy it is his turn!

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Gameplay, Strategy, and Development


A Super TTT match consists of 9 traditional tic tac toe boards laid out in a 3x3 grid. The aim is to win 3 boards in a row.  The match begins with the starting player placing a marker in any space on any of the 9 boards. The space marked will determine the board that the opponent must play on next. Each of the 9 spaces in a single board correspond directly to one of the 9 boards. For instance, marking the top-left space in any board will send the opponent to the top-left board for their next move.

Play is directed in this manner for the entire match, with the only exception coming when a player is directed to a board that has already been won. In this instance, the player is granted free choice to move in any remaining open space on any remaining contested board. If no player achieves 3 in a row, then the player who wins the most boards is deemed the winner. When both players have equal wins, then the game is declared a Cat’s Game; a rare achievement.


When playing Super TTT it is important to remember that good classic tic tac toe strategy is not always in your best interest. The general themes apply to the match as a whole, but not specifically to each board. A strong offense is good representation in corner boards. A strong defense is to hold the center board. However, good players will easily sacrifice corner spaces and center spaces on individual boards. The trick is to make these sacrifices on match boards you can afford to lose, while being careful not to give too much up.

There are many approaches a player can take. Extremely offensive players will give away boards that can’t make 3 in a row early on, in hopes that they gain better representation in the remaining boards. Extremely defensive players will prolong the first board win and force the opponent into a complex match where 1 mistake can end it all. Whatever the style, the player that wins the match is usually the player that hide their intentions best. So get out there, play around with the strategy map, and find the style that works for you!


This Super TTT application is a proud product of The Canny Group. Canny is dedicated to the development of fun and innovative social software. Canny is looking forward to the expansion of the Super TTT platform to include other awesome turn-based strategy games, as well as the introduction of user reward systems that are individually satisfying and positively impact the community.

Interested to find out what we are planning and how you can be a part? Check out the Street Team page to learn more!

Street Team

Promote the Game; Get Real World Experience

Canny intends to implement user reward systems that positively impact players’ local communities. To aid these efforts, Canny is building a street team to act as both testers and promoters.

Team members help new players learn how to get started, as well as report any feedback or bugs they encounter.

All Canny affiliates are identified in game by red panda badges. Team members receive a standard logo, while the fancier badges are reserved for street team leads and the development team. Street team members are also given access to our private chat room, where they can report in or just hang out with the developers and other team members.

To join the team and get your badge click here to send us an email with your username. A Canny affiliate will challenge you and help you get started.

To manage the street team, Canny has created the street team lead internship position. The opportunity is extremely non-labor intensive. Primary responsibilities include regular game play, recruiting new street team members, reporting feedback (both errors and suggestions), and encouraging individuals to play the game and organizations to participate/sponsor any philanthropic elements/events.

The lead position is an excellent opportunity for students from a variety of studies. Computer science students benefit from real world industry experience in beta testing and responding to feedback. Business and public relations students gain the opportunity to see a brand go through the building process.

To become a street team lead click the same link above and along with you username let us know you’d like to learn more about becoming a lead.

Click here to download the small Canny Street Team recruitment flyer or click here to download a full page version!


Click here to download our exclusive Canny Group Wallpaper!

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